Monday, 5 July 2010

South Africa 3

South Africa 2

All is well here! There have been some new bands coming up...unfortunately with this many parting ways.

The death metal/deathcore/terrible wanna be bands have much over taken this place in terms of shows and bands , as well as can you believe it where once you saw HXC shows with sing alongs and circle pits DRUM AND BASS parties! What's with that?

New bands up and coming...

My personal favourite CONQUEROR from Johannesburg

Art: Sin Eater Illustration

Check this out you wont be disappointed very unique for South African Hardcore.
Compass - From Johannesburg - Fronted by ex Crossingpoint dummer

From my home town (Durban) in a place which was once the epicentre of Hardcore in South Africa see's only two hardcore bands still alive comes

TOWERS - Fast Positive Hardcore.

Lastly Crossingpoint seem to have called it a day. The pillar of South African Hardcore for the last 10 years are set to have one last final show at end of this month before its members finally go their separate ways. That day is going to be both face melting and a sad one.

Everyone is selling out or fading out. Sorry about that. Stay gold.

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